Skills & Interests

Motivational Speaking

Sophie is a highly articulate, confident speaker who can adapt presentations for any audience. Sophie enjoys talking in schools doing assemblies and also working along side business owners to help get the most out of their staff and working environment.


Sophie is passionate about accessibility and the world of sport being available for everyone. Introducing disability sport at a young age in schools or clubs is something Sophie thinks is very important.

Accessible Travel

Sophie believes to travel is one of greatest opportunities in the world. It should be easy and accessible for everyone, which is why she is passionate about changing the way tourism works by putting disabled people in decision making positions.

Visibility of Disabled Women

Sophie would love to help to change how visible women with disabilities currently are. Through being a role model, Sophie can advocate for this, working with companies and businesses to include these women in their marketing strategies.

Women in Sport

Sophie is dedicated to always shouting about women's sport and the importantance of it being recognised. She supports and plays for a successful Women's League in wheelchair basketball and hopes that through building her platform, the Women's League will gain more recognition and have opportunity to grow.

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I have worked with Sophie for many years at the University of Worcester. Sophie has presented as both a scholar and an athlete to a diverse range of audiences that have included government ministers, business leaders, international academics, local school children, athletes and at after dinner events. Sophie has never failed to truly engage her audience and always speaks with authority and compassion; the feedback has always been outstanding.
Mick Donovon
Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Worcester
I met Sophie Carrigill a few years ago at the University of Worcester in my role as a Governor and when she was a student there. We sat next to each other at dinner and chatted about her role as the Captain of the British Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team and her remarkable attitude to life following her catastrophic RTA injury. It wasn’t just inspirational and humbling, it was thoroughly enjoyable. We have engaged Sophie to speak at some of my firm’s corporate events and I have now heard her speak, and interact with her audiences, at a number of different types of event. She has been first class. I have met and talked with a lot of so called motivation or inspirational speakers over the years and some of those did not motivate or inspire me. Sophie has the rare gift of not only being interesting but also interested. I would unreservedly recommend her as someone who will bring energy, positivity, empathy, understanding and motivation to an event. I would challenge any team or group not to pick up something of real benefit from listening to how she has approached life in terms of what she can achieve with others, rather than what she cannot do.
Ian Smith
Bishop Fleming
I’ve known Sophie for many years, and have the highest regard for her as a person, a leader and a motivator. Having interviewed her as captain of the Paralympics GB Wheelchair Basketball team, she led by example, setting the highest standards and embracing the responsibility of leading a medal-winning group of elite sportswomen. It was noticeable how her teammates looked up to her and sought advice even though many were considerably older. More recently, she kindly agreed to speak to an audience of over 500 at the ASPIRE Sports Dinner – raising money for a spinal injuries charity I am a patron of. Her speech was moving and inspirational, without a hint of victimhood, and the success of the subsequent charity auction was a tribute to the impact of her words. In a world where substance and integrity are not always commonplace, Sophie is a joy to deal with, and I have no hesitation in recommending her
Rob Nothman
Sports Broadcaster and Producer
I have had the pleasure of working with Sophie on a number of occasions She is an inspiring, highly capable, articulate speaker. Her presentations focus on her extensive sporting and academic knowledge, but are also interwoven with her frank and honest personal narrative. Her experience as a Team Captain, combined with her expertise in Psychology, gives her a unique and interesting vantage point, which she uses as a starting point to explore many different topics. She has the ability to connect with many different audiences. During her time at the University, she spoke to senior academics, our Governors and College of Fellows, journalists, Government Ministers and even members of the Royal Family...but was equally adept at capturing the attention of local 6th form students. She has delivered presentations for the University all over the world. She is highly professional, personable and a delight to work with.
Jane Britton
Director of Communications & Participation
After interviewing Sophie for a local news item about Wheelchair basketball she immediately struck me as an articulate and intelligent person. She showed a real interest in the work I do as a video journalist and was keen to develop her knowledge of the industry. As a result, Sophie spent some time with me learning the different aspects of my job, including filming, script writing, and editing. She was very enthusiastic and showed a real aptitude for learning. Sophie's already proved through her sporting achievements that her willingness to succeed knows no boundaries and I'm sure that her infectious personality and determination will ensure she thrives in whatever she pursues.
Chris Dawkes
ITV Sports Reporter